December 18, 2016


Yes. The was built by Femdom and Financial Dominatrix Goddess Saffron. All courses and lessons within the School for Slaves are based on real weaknesses and desires of submissive males. Each slave test is instructed and graded by Goddess Saffron herself.
Sometimes the activation email can end up in your Spam box instead of Inbox, so make sure to check there. If you are using Gmail, check in your promotions tab too. To prevent the activation email being marked as spam by your email program, simply add the below email address to your safe senders list and contacts: If you still don't receive the activation email, then the most likely reason is that you mistyped your email address in the registration process. Simply enrol again or contact tech slave if you still experience problems.
Log in and access your available lessons on your progress page. Click on the course title "School for Slaves" to expand and display all your available lessons which are shown in red. Completed lessons show a green tick. Greyed out lessons are those you have yet to complete and are unlocked.
Lessons are drip fed every 24 hours once you have completed the previous lesson. You will receive an email when your next lesson becomes available.
Make sure you completed the previous lesson. If you have, check your spam folder and if you are using a gmail, check the promotions tab in your gmail account - sometimes emails can go there by mistake. If you still do not find it, login, click on your progress page where you can access your next available lesson. Note: If you are logged in when your next lesson becomes available, you will not be sent a new lesson notification email.
Your account and all achievements will be automatically deleted if:-
  •   you have not passed level 1 of the Beginner Slave Training Course within 30 days of your enrolment date.
  •   you have not graduated from the Beginner Slave Training Course within 90 days of your enrolment date.
This is why it is important to complete each lesson daily and on time. If your account has been deleted, re-enrol and begin your training from scratch, this time ensuring to complete each lesson daily.
Yes, all students are manually graded by Goddess Saffron before final graduation of each course.
Anytime within your training, put your new skills to good use by serving Goddess Saffron and removing your male ego within Tributes and gifts can be sent to Goddess at
Goddess Saffron can be contacted directly via the privileges section within
As a slave, you should not be asking what you get, but what you can now do for Goddess. All slaves begin their training as a Grade G slave upon beginner course enrolement. With each module you pass, your grading will increase. Your grade is displayed on the right hand side of your lesson pages, progress page and on your profile. You will reach Grade A status and a graduation certificates only when courses are successfully completed. The intermediate slave training course will award + grades. Also course completion awards can be redeemed within to lower your male ego - which is the aim of the game!
After graduating from a slave training course, not only will your grading increase, but you will be awarded a certificate and be given an achievement badge to redeem within which gives slave points to reduce your male ego.
You need to have graduated from the Beginner Slave Training Course, before the Intermediate Slave Training Course is unlocked.
Login, click on your profile, scroll to the bottom and click 'delete account'. By deleting your account, you will lose all lesson progress and achievements.
Send any support questions not answered on this webpage to Goddess Saffron's Tech slave on the contact page. Note: Goddess Saffron does not receive emails via the contact page.