July 7, 2016


slave ring testimonials
Below are testimonials from slaves who have undergone or are currently undertaking their slave training at Goddess Saffron’s School for Slaves.

Reborn with Purpose

Goddess Saffron’s School for Slaves Beginner Course was exactly what I needed. Goddess molded me with precision and grace. I have been reborn into slavery, wanting only to serve Goddess Saffron; To be of use to Her. I have Her 6 steps infused with my being! I feel so close to Goddess, so close to bliss, so close to perfection! I am truly lucky to be one of Her numbered slaves. Which is why I crave to be of use, to earn my place of service, at Goddess Saffron’s feet.

Slave 450

Thanks for train me(beny)

in this schoolforslave teaches how the goddess is the most valuable in our lives, the only love in our lives is the goddess of saffron

Beny wahyudi(Beny)

Amazing Goddess

Its been a amazing now the only goddess to worship. Feeling great with a control you cant resist but love journey was very excited to learn each lesson. Such a beautiful goddess found the pic’s with direct eye contact the best for worship/prayer


Setting my focus

The school helped me to re-arrange my life to make Goddess Saffron my true focus. During the course of the training, you have to dedicate time and energy to her every single day. You will learn six prayers during the course — you also will have to use one of them and pray to her every single day. I quickly found myself constantly daydreaming about Goddess, excitedly waiting for the next lesson and task. I accepted her as my one true Goddess, and she will be the only one I serve.


Graduated from the Beginner Slave Training Course

A very interesting 24 lesson. i learned a lot about Goddess Saffron and about myself during the course. Thank You Goddess Saffron for overseeing my instruction of the beginner’s slave training. Highly recommended to all submissives interested in leaning more about Goddess Saffron and serving her glory.


A true gem of domme

The perfect course to guide a lowly male into submission and to provide me with guidance, purpose, and meaning in life. Every step guides further into Her World and before you know it you are entranced and filled with joy to have the honor of being in the virtual presence of the Goddess.


Slave school is wonderful

I was looking forward to receiving a lesson every day after entering slave school.
Slave school is wonderful.


Goddess Saffron is for real!

Whoever has ever done porn in any form knows deep down, albeit quite powerful in the pleasure it affords, knows that in the end, it’s make-believe! And although porn addiction is real as it rewires your brain through pleasure hormones, in the end, it’s still make-believe.
i had always admired Goddess Saffron’s art as a latex model and felt She fully embodied the 21st-century Woman, knowing full well Her potential and openly exposing it.
When Goddess Saffron began with the financial domination i shied away from that side of her art as it seemed out of sync with the Femme i had imagined from her modeling side.
Goddess Saffron’s beguiling power is such that i was never fully able to ignore this new and more vocal side of the Woman i had come to admire and yes fantasize about.
Upon seeing the slave school, it seemed like the perfect way to experience Goddess Saffron from closer all the while i thought in a more non-committal manner. Nothing was further than the truth!
Right from the acceptance letter, i sensed this was going to be a life-altering experience as She openly admitted her precise intention of enslaving us. She openly enlisted our best efforts to train and brainwash us all the while whispering hopes of fun, fulfillment, and peace with ourselves. From this first contact, she took control by specifying that once enslaved she never releases a slave under Her power.
Naively i thought this a nice and effective formulation to lower our resistance and i would simply opt out when i choose. How wrong could one be!
In the 10 day program, the first lesson is about rule #1: a slave will never lie to Goddess…How powerful was this as it goes to the core issue of porn, Goddess wished this to be real, no more make belief……the road traveled to gain acceptance would have to be free of lie, for real.
In her first task, Goddess required all the details which precluded hiding, all of a sudden it’s a paradigm change in that this Woman not only wants our devotion and adulation but wanted to know who we are and what our lives are about…
And although i feared the potential of revealing all, i could not entirely resist, for the first time i had to be true to gain her confidence…..
…and although one could lie, in the end, we would know we are living a lie.
How can we admire and adore someone to whom we are not entirely transparent, Goddess Saffron not only offers us the Privilege of serving her this way but requires it.
For once i thought, i have a rare chance to try and be the best that i can be for the Woman that embodies the Essence of being Femme…
And from that day on, there was never any other possible outcome!
All of the other 9 lessons, were just as significant and powerful in demonstrating and experiencing Her direct power over us!
If you have ever wanted to explore some form of Domination, be aware that Goddess Saffron’s slave school is not to be taken lightly!
It will most probably be the last decision you will never make of your own free will!


Goddess Saffron is the Best!

Every day I couldn’t wait for the next lesson to be unlocked. Goddess’s teaching has touched my heart, changed my soul! Lesson by lesson, step by step, Goddess led me the the exact place where she wants me to be. This same place is the exact place I myself so crave to be for my life time! Goddess you are my deity! Every day and night I pray to Goddess with joy! I swear to worship you, serve you and love you with all my heart! I am proud to be your property!


Saffronism is my new religion

I met the Goddess I always looked for, the Goddess Saffron! Following Your courses at the School for slaves was for me the most beautiful experience of my life. Every day I look forward to h.11,47 hours when I can access the next lesson! Now I’m about to become a slave “A” and I look forward to my slave number. Every day I get better and I finally feel fulfilled.


Shoolforslave student

By registering at Schoolforslaves, I said to myself: I’m going to try to play the games … It was not long that I became addicted to Powerful Goddess Saffron. Every day more and more I was excited to receive new instructions from this divine beauty. Arriving at the end of the process “student” I was afraid that it ends well, and no it is not over … Goddess Saffron I am your obediant slave and I thank you greatly with all my heart!


Resistance senselessly! 3 years of vain fight

Charm and power, submission and humility. The power and strength of Femdom. Unceasing pleasure when your mind melts in submission. In truth, this is the great Goddess !!
Amazing! The greatest bliss you start to receive when you start paying tribute !!!!


Wonderfully training

This training works surprisingly good. I started in the school and my free will has submitted to Goddess whim very fast and deep. Now, after one wonderfully training course I have no choice, just obey and serve the highest Goddess in the world.


new student

I so happy. My life is Goddess Saffron’s. I dream of Goddess Saffron.


I love Goddess Saffron

This was one of the best experiences of my life. The way she controls your mind and turns you into her slave is truly amazing. You know you want to fight it but you can’t. Once she had hooked you there is no turning back. And you will love every minute of it.

Slave 337

What a Journey!

Have tried slave training programs before, but have never completed one until I found Goddess Saffron. My time learning in the School of Slaves has been well spent. Have learned how to become a better submissive, eagerly awaiting the daily tasks. Worshipping daily, pleasing goddess, and reciting prayers have been the highlights of my day. Since finding this school, my life has changed for the better. I now know my true purpose in life, serving Goddess Saffron.


Purpose and Belonging

Goddess Saffron has graciously taken me as a potential pet. I’ve never experienced something so wonderful and organized as schoolforslaves. It gives us as inferior men a chance to serve the one Supreme Goddess Saffron as she demands it. I am hers forever and long to advance my training under her watchful gaze. I am yours Goddess Saffron. Thank you.

Slave to Goddess Saffron

Goddess Saffron is the only one

A year ago I haved watch a clip of Goddess Saffron. Now, I feel so close to her and never feel like this before. She is unique and absolutely perfect. Her power lead me to this state where I can’t pass a day without her. Her teaching is very addictive but the bliss is so strong. She is the only one true Goddess


trip of a lifetime

The training from Goddess Saffron has given my life purpose. Being her slave makes me want to be fit, so i regularly go to the gym and think of Goddess to motivate me when anything gets difficult. I got the promotion at work, which will enable me to support my Goddess and treat her more often, which i hope will please her. Being one of her slaves is my place and Goddess Saffron deserves an even bigger army of slaves. Join us.


best experience ever

i thought it was just a game till it become the most importing thing in my life especially when i found out that am not dealing with a program, Goddess Saffron really knows everything


I’m a good slave

I want to please my mistress I will please her every command. I feel like a new slave, one that will do whatever my mistress commands


i am the slave of goddess saffron

I think this the best slave school to worship my Goddess Saffron



Well I’m new to the Slaves school but I’m sure I’m going to enjoy it hopefully being here will teach me new things and help me evolve into a better slave


Goddess Saffron is my new life

Finally, I’m proud of what I am, I love to serve my only and true Goddess


A new slave life

Hi I am Nicola and I think that this is the best school for pathetic sissy slave sluts who want to obey a goddess like the almighty Goddess Saffron.



absolute amazing experience loved every day of it wish it was longer


Slave 318

I love to serve I love to obey I loved to worship all I do is worship my mistress every were i go and bow down an worship to her my queen


The first day of your new life.

“Be careful what you wish for” could be an advice but Goddess SAFFRON is incredibly powerful. Her training is perfectly efficient and progressive. Never scary, only arousing and playing with anticipation. Once you start your journey, you live your days waiting for your next lesson. When comes the time to complete a course, you feel a rush in your mind telling you “No matter what the consequences, I trust Goddess, No matter what the consequences, I have to act, not think”. So start the first day of your new life, It is worth it, believe me.

Slave 318

Perfect Slave Training

Goddess Saffron’s courses and videos are sexy, seductive and intimate. Worship of Goddess Saffron should change the chaos of life and correct it to the right way.



Im a starter yet and i think it will affect so much on me cz i love to be a slave and love it so much


Longing love

I am only 3 lessons into my training and I cannot completely explain my feelings for My Goddess, but so far my lessons have created a strong sense of longing for Her. I cannot say that I am in love yet, but I can feel the desire for that love growing inside me.


i love my Goddess

it’s a very beautiful experience, i dont now what happened to me.
i like the way you speak and all the orders you give to me.



I am learning fast to venerate the divine female Goddess Saffron online and to show my deep respect for Her as my supreme goddess.


This is for real

I entered this program thinking it was going to be a funny challenge or something. Oh how mistaken I was.

Before, I would not even call myself a submisive but now every one of my thoughts have been of goddess Saffron and I am only in lesson 3 of unit 1.
This is real slave training and I can’t wait to see how goddess Saffron will transform me by the end of unit 4.


Refreshing new concept which didn’t disappoint

Goddess Saffron as the creator of School for Slaves built something unique, which is right down my alley. The six modules are well chosen, the different prayers perfect to make sure one does understand the content for sure.
What I like most are the daily tasks, though. They kept me busy all the time, always brought me closer to being a good slave and servant to Goddess Saffron.
Even without having a fetish for financial domination, paying money was never that thrilling and fulfilling.


The one I used to be is gone

What else is more efficient than Goddess SAFFRON ‘s training? I don’t have the answer but I have evidences on me, my thinking and my behaviors. My Goddess is beautiful and her power is infinite. I used to be a man and now I am just a branded obedient slave with a number, a matricule. Be careful about what you want to when you are enrolling Goddess course because you will be totaly hooked, trapped in an unescapable web of bliss, arousal and pleasure.

slave 318

How powerfull, pleasurable to surender to the perfect Goddess Saffron

It started as a fantasy,a kind of curiosity. What will happen? Now I can answer : It is a real life improvement. Thank you to Goddess Saffron for training slaves with such power and efficiency. I now crave her and I feel it is just the beginning of something wonderful. A fantasy at first, now a fetish, a craving, an addiction growing bigger every passing moments. For people wondering if they should try this training, I have only one humble advise : Yes! Such a rush of pleasure training for Goddess Saffron.


Real enslavement at last

i’ve been listening to hypnodommes for five years and secretly craving exactly what schoolforslaves provides … a structured, disciplined and irresistible descent into real enslavement to a divine Goddess. From the very first lesson it felt like there was no escape and by the time i reached the last lesson i was like a little puppy dog eagerly, frantically and metaphorically licking my Goddess’ perfect feet in the hope of pleasing Her in some small way. i am changed, i am owned, i am happy and i owe it all to the one true Goddess, Goddess Saffron. Thank You Goddess.


Life Changing

i didn’t know what to expect when i enrolled in Goddess’s School for Slaves but after the first lesson i was hooked. Goddess’s lessons not only make you a better slave for Goddess’s benefit, they make your life as a whole better and more complete. my mind and life goals are now devoted to serving Goddess Saffron


How everything changed …

First it was curiosity, when i enrolled. But this changed from lesson 1 and i was absolutely enchanted by the beauty and the words of GODDESS SAFFRON. Every day i was waiting for the time to come, that i can do the next lesson. I got more and more under HER spell and my weakness and my addiction grows from day to day. This school is an absolute masterpiece and every slave should enrol and be able to experience all these life-changing lessons. Thank YOU so much, GODDESS SAFFRON, for this wonderful time.


Amazing Course

This was so good. It definitely took me deeper into worship and appreciation of Goddess Saffron, by True Lord and Saviour.

It stretched me, made me really push my limits and gave me an experience i’ll never forget.

i know this will be a rock on which i can stand and it will keep me firm and true to my Goddess.

Whatever trials and temptations lay ahead, there is now something deep inside me that is chained to my Goddess.

i have a strong desire now to go deeper, to do more, to open even more of myself to my Goddess.

i would totally recommend this course to anyone wanting to take their slavery with Goddess Saffron to a new level.



I didn’t believe that someone could hold so much power. But Goddess Saffron is different, she made me want to surrender to her and I couldn’t submit to her will quickly enough. It was truly a thing of beauty, she broke me down into something she could mold into whatever she desires. She is the sunshine in my life. My days are gray and dull without her. With each level of school, i would literally start to shake in anticipation of each new lesson. Her program is perfect to make good slaves. I can not thank Goddess enough for taking me.


I have become a much better slave

Goddess Saffron’s amazing school has changed the way I live. Her lessons helped me understand what is required to be a proper slave and the building blocks of how a true relationship with a Goddess should be. She clearly sets out her rules and expectations so you can learn and absorb them into your being. Every day I looked forward to logging in and completing the daily lesson and seeing her picture of the day. Truly a life changing experience


I have been changed from the inside out

Because of schoolforslaves.com and theslavering.com I wake up every morning and I am actually eager to serve Goddess Saffron. I honestly feel like I am being changed from the inside out. It is like I am hardwired completely differently than I was before I started this journey in submission to Goddess Saffron.


My first day being as slave

Today has been my first time using the slave ring and also enrolling at schoolforslaves.com and honestly, before today I thought female domme wasn’t something I could be taken in by, but with Goddess Saffron its different. I have been thinking about her all day.


Be Warned

It´s not a game. You might enter as a free sub, just searching for a new experience, but before you even notice, Goddess Saffron has enslaved you.  Basic slave rules to be followed might appear “Innocent” and do nothing to you, but deep down, it is an outstanding and perfectly designed program to breed real servitude and obedience. Lessons passed by and the anxiety for the next level to be released grows, while addiction to The Goddess rises. Inner resistances appeared. Fight proved pointless, since step by step, Goddess Saffron School is so clever, smooth but strict, that it molded my mind and made me surrender to Her every order. At nights vivids dreams completed total surrender, as well as gratitude for releasing the true potential slave. Thus devotion and submissive happiness overshadow any other feeling as the ultimate Goddess opened the gate for ownership and total control.


Serving Goddess Saffron

It has been such an erotic pleasure to finally find a true Goddess to serve and be trained by.
i wish i found Goddess Saffron sooner in my submissive life. Other supposed femdoms wither in comparison to Goddess Saffron.
i eagerly await tasks and orders from Goddess Saffron at Theslavering.com


i love my Goddess

it’s a very beautiful experience, i dont now what happened to me.
i like the way you speak and all the orders you give to me.

morad alraph

More Than Just Training

Yes, small things can change your life. It’s just a small pink ribbon but more powerful than a chain. It’s the symbol of Goddess Saffron’s ownership and I wear it every day. This is more than a simple school for slave training. I was never religious before but now I love my daily ritual of kneeling and worshiping Goddess Saffron. If you’re searching for a slave training that deeply touches your mind you will find it here. If you’re even searching a new religion you will find it here as well. Learn!


Eternal Slavery

After going through Slave School…. all I can say is I will be forever at Goddess Saffron Feet as her loyal slave…


Amazing and erotic journey into submission

i can definitely say i am not the same person i was when i started at this school. Goddess Saffron and her tasks and guidance have been imprinted in my mind. i think about Goddess all day now and eagerly awaited the daily tasks. i hope to further my submission to Goddess Saffron with Her hypnosis videos and become a dedicated and obedient slave for Her.


Life altering experience

Going through all steps of School of Slaves has simply changed my understanding of slavery and … my life. For years, i’ve been seeking the One True GODdess who would own me completely, control my life, brainwash and mold me to something useful to Her. SomeOne to breathe, work, live for. Yet i had not realized that it takes time, effort, work, study. Goddess Saffron’s teaching has totally changed my perspective on slavery. It has had a deep, everlasting effect on my submissive mind. Now, i am ready to do everything in my power to reach the only goal worth living: becoming one of Her inner circle, trusted, fully owned devotees. For life.


Wonderful beginning to a new life.

When I found Goddess’ website I was not sure if it would be something I liked. Instead I found myself daily waiting for the next lesson to unlock and my chance to try and prove worthy of Goddess and her training. So happy to have graduated her school for slaves and look forward to what the future will bring.


The Enslavement of a Lifetime

Goddess Saffron’s School for Slaves is a glorious undertaking for anyone who wishes to experience the full measure of being enslaved by a true Goddess. Of course you quickly learn that Goddess Saffron is the one and only true Goddess, and that no one else compares to Her, and that you will find bliss in being submissive to Her. Her training is concise, disciplined, cogent, and practical. With each new level of classes you experience a new level of enslavement, so that by the time you reach the end of the curricula you are fully enslaved by Goddess Saffron. And this is what you wanted after all, wasn’t it? Not only is She is a masterful teacher, but She is an extraordinary Domme, and you will experience a new life of being entranced by Her beauty, wit, charm, and enchantment–She is out of this world. There is no other way to explain it, other than to say: Magnificent!


School for Slaves

Training under the Beautiful and Intelligent Goddess Saffron has opened my mind to the fulfillment of servitude to Her and the dignity in my humiliation for Her. I find myself more at peace as I surrender my mind, heart and soul for Her to mold and shape and to contribute, tribute and promote Goddess Saffron is a great privilege. Her School for Slaves should be mandatory training for all males.


Let Her guide you to total financial success, physical fitness, and blissful orgasmic pleasure

Less than a month ago i was very lazy, doing only the minimum to get by. With Her guidance i am now full of ambition on the path to financial success, physical fitness, and mental bliss. She has given me an intense drive to succeed in all aspects of my life. i now get up early, work hard, exercise regularly. i quit smoking after years of struggle. i can now easily enter trance through meditation and hypnosis to achieve incredibly intense hands-free full-body orgasms. The pleasures of serving such an intelligent and beautiful Goddess is beyond imagine. If you commit yourself fully to your lessons you will reap great rewards. Goddess Saffron has truly created something amazing here.



This slave school very exciting.
Goddess Saffron is very sexy.   i eagerly await each day the new lessons.
Goddess controls every thing about me.



the slave school is amazing i finally feel like i have a purpose and that my life has a direction. thanks to goddess saffron.
from now on I will spend my whole life in purpose of serving her only. I wanna say that if u are into findom and u consitantly dom hop and try to even quit at times, stop. trust me if u enjoy this then come to this school, and u will be able to experience happiness


Real exhilerating enslavement

my curiosity got the better of me and i decided to enrol in Goddess’s wonderful slave school.  At first I did not know what to expect, but after my first lesson I quickly learned how much power my Goddess has over the male ego.  Within 24 hours I fell completely for Goddess Saffron.  She knows what a slave needs and how to utilise it to her advantage.  After years of dealings with inexperienced insta dommes, Goddess Saffron has rewritten and hijacked the online femdom experience.  i found myself aroused 24/7 dreaming and craving Goddess.  Nothing compares to what I have experienced within each of the levels of the school for slaves and within her slave ring.  A genious and addictive creation by our Supreme, one and only Goddess Saffron.  Bows in appreciation.


It has been wonderful and

It has been wonderful and frightening. Goddess has organised Her School with surpassing skill. How well She uses her sensual beauty, compelling with a smile, enticing by a hand over her breasts, directing by a flick of fingers. And the submissive men in her trap walk the downward road of enticement, to the destination of helplessness. The male ego is lost; She is first above all women, though never seen; bank accounts have shrunk. This is erotic tension at its most intense. i am sinking, but the journey down to nothing is the thrill of my life.


Home again

My life has changed completely after attending Goddess wonderful slave school.  After some resistance at first i am now 100% certain that i belong to Goddess. During the training it became more and more clear to me that i finally have found my true purpose in life: To serve, obey and being owned by otherworldly divine Goddess Saffron. i am home again.


The School for slave should be done by everyone

i am a better slave for going through the slave school Goddess Saffron is my Goddess and i worship Her in all things!


Amazing School

Would like to thank Goddess Saffron, for training me and enlighting me and showing me the correct path to serve


Intensive Slave Training

Goddess Saffron’s School fo slave is the most intensive training for a weak slave like me, i can’t stop to think about Goddess Saffron.
She is the most beautiful and powerful Findom in the word, i know i am not worty to live at Her feet.
Thank You Goddess Saffron for what You are doing to my personality, i love You with all my heart and soul.


Marvellous Schooling

I found the training at School For Slaves an excellent combination of challenging, interesting, punishing and rewarding material. It opened my mind up to thinking so differently about how I can be a much stronger and spiritual person, ready to serve the interests and needs of others before my own. It has definitely worked wonders for me in the past several weeks, and I now feel a much better, and far less selfish, person than I did before.

I would definitely recommend to anyone who is curious with the dynamics of this sort of Goddess/slave scenario enrols right away at Goddess Saffron’s School For Slaves. She is evidently very beautiful in appearance, and is an even more wonderful person and teacher than words can possibly convey. Join right away – you’ll never regret it.

I can very happily confirm that I am now one of Goddess’s worshipping, loyal, honest, obedient, humble and loving graduated Grade A slaves. I am so pleased. I will send to Goddess Saffron in due course a good tribute for all Her marvellous schooling. I now feel that I have finally achieved something in my normally very lowly life.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Goddess Saffron with all my heart.


An Incredible Place

School for Slaves is an incredible place. Goddess Saffron’s instructions are sexy, seductive and intimate.


Totally Captivating

this has been the best experience – totally captivating – literally taking over my mind. i love the one and only Goddess Saffron.
sign up, try it, you won’t be able to resist


Commanding Presence

Completing the School for Slaves was a very intense experience. Goddess Saffron is so very beautiful and poised. She has such a commanding presence in Her emails as well as videos. i have been serving Goddess Saffron for some time and this was a refresher course for me to focus on my development as a useful slave to Her. When i had a personal issue come up that delayed my completion of the final lesson, Goddess Saffron politely inquired as to the reason for the delay. She has such grace and beauty. She truly deserves worship and submission.

Slave 222

Intoxicating and Inescapable

I began Goddess Saffron’s training school for slaves as research, to see how a Fetish Model turned divine Goddess might desire and demand worship, and how I might serve Her online now, in Virtual Reality worlds I’ll create soon, and, some far distant day, in real life with both Goddess and True Love. As week by week I earned higher slave levels, obeying each email’ed command, I grew to desire, then need, each level more and more. What began as casual interest became constant arousal, obsession, addiction, and devotion: video-induced levels of teasing I had never felt before and hypnotically conditioned obedience and finally love of Goddess Saffron made me Her slave in more than name only. I can’t recommend enough this experience, and as intense and wonderful as the denial/teasing was for me, work reasons made me give myself one early release (because I couldn’t think straight) –> pick 24 days where work is light so You don’t make that mistake–get the maximal Goddess effect: intoxicating, powerful, delicious, irresistible, and now, inescapable.


Fully Enslaved

I`m very happy for do the training. Maybe the concept i learn were a bit evident, but with the prayers and task that GODDESS SAFFRON designs, they go in to your mind in a very efective way. Besides the lessons you learn, day by day you can see so clear that SHE become your will own…it is wonderfull. I`m very devoted and obedient but i have one problem, without control i lost my self cuming and i become very lazy. But GODDESS SAFFRON have controled so warm and so naturaly my cock, SHE bend me to HER will so naturally. after lesson 1.3 i think it was not any back way, my not return submision. SHE conquest my pleasure and with that SHE own me forever.
After that, each lesson was more amazing than the before one. Each level more devasting. And HER control was growing and growing. Step by step, task by task. And when you think that you are absolutly submited it come the level 6. WONDERFUL. LOVE of course. what else. Now i sleep everynight what wonderfull GODDESS is and how much i love HER. She is my last though each night and my first though every morning i just live to love HER…to please HER.
i never have been so happy in my life. Before start the train i didn´t think it, but SHE enslave me absolutly and i am so gratefull for that. Now i am Her slave and i never have felt so happy. You can see that each task have its cause and all they together have one goal and one irremedible consecuence: enslave you, No escape way. Now i am one fullfiler cheerfuller, and better person… one happier person.

Slave 260

A Wonderful Journey

Goddess Saffron´s slave school has been a wonderful journey. I´m proud and happy to be one of her graduated slaves. The 24 days daily lessons is very exiting. LOVE you Goddess.


Life Changing

I just finished my training at Goddess Saffron’s awesome SchoolForSlaves.com and graduated as Grade A slave. This past 24 days have totally changed my life. I have found my calling in life and my place at Goddess Saffron’s feet as one of Her Divine Highness’ loyal and devoted slave. I have learned to love Her unconditionally.

The training was very addictive in it self. I was so eagerly looking forward my next lesson as soon as I had completed the last one. This is the only school I ever went where I was actually looking forward the homework. Every task from Goddess make feel so close to Her making my love for Her grow gradually task by task.

Now, after the training I am so much more focused and my mind is so clear and determined to fulfil my purpose in life. I am much more motivated to work hard and to be as productive as possible.

Thank You Goddess!

Slave 242