July 26, 2016

Your Goddess

Financial DommeI am Goddess Saffron – Financial Domme and Femdom. Welcome to the one and only interactive Slave Training School.   I will be your Goddess and Instructor throughout your slave training experience.

As a Financial Domme, I know exactly what I want and how to get it.  Female Dominance and Supremacy are what I believe in most.  My dominant female persona and in-depth knowledge of the submissive male mind make Me an expert in male manipulation and control.   Financial Domination is not a learned skill – it came naturally to Me.   My high maintenance body deserves to be worshipped from head to toe.

Well before I became a well known financial domme, I always attracted submissive men and quickly learned that all men are in-fact submissive.  There are no such things as Alpha males.  Most men succumb to My wishes, regadless of their stubborn egos which can so easily be torn down.   Being intelligent and desirable to men gives Me more power than you can imagine – I use this to My advantage daily!

Control a man’s mind and body and you control his finances.  Control a man’s finances and you control his life.   I just love to mould men to My will.  It requires no effort whatsoever on My part.

With every lesson that you undertake, the deeper your addiction to Me will become.   You will end the fantasy and begin to experience real Femdom control and a life of true enslavement.  Are you ready to make slavery real?  If so, I want you to take the time to read about how it works.  If you cannot meet the requirements, leave now; you are of no use to Me.

However, if you are ready to begin your journey into real submission enrol now.


Your Goddess and Tutor
Goddess Saffron

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